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Surely his life demonstrated that … #Project365

Wrongly accused ... it took Carlos M. Gomez 222 days to clear his name in a 2011 money-la

Big Read: Identity theft — how Carlos Gomez cleared his name after wrongfully accused of money laundering

news.com.au FEBRUARY 20, 2014

FIGHTING a bad cold, Carlos Gomez had decided to sleep by himself that night so he wouldn’t expose his wife. Well, that is what the prosecutors had said. Carlos had no idea what he was being accused of and he had no idea how to get himself out the bind. Carlos only wished that he had seen the money that he supposedly embezzled. Surely his life demonstrated that …


It can be done … #Project365

Age is just a number ... at 70, bodybuilder Sam Bryant can outlift men half his age.

SAM “Sonny” Bryant is a champion bodybuilder who picked up his first weight 27 years ago. When he was 44.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Sam entered the gym, he had already been once today, this was his afternoon session. He never missed a beat. No family, no wife. He was living the dream. His life was regimented to the very last beat. For Sam it was all about proving to others that it can be done …

No-one would believe him otherwise … #Project365

Wanted ... for distracting drivers. Bigfoot has been blamed for causing a car to crash into a ditch.

IT’S the toughest task all teens face: How to explain away embarrassing incidents. This one may be the best yet -‘ I crashed my car because of Bigfoot’.

http://www.news.com.au FEBRUARY 07, 2014

After failing to sleep for near on 24 hours, Robert wondered what he was doing driving the back roads to get home. Drifting in and out, something flashed in front of him, just off the road. A figure. Larger than normal. Much larger. A bigfoot! Robert turned the wheel to plow into the mysterious figure, to capture it. No-one would believe him otherwise …

Just doing her job … #Project365

0In hospice ... Ethan Rediske, 11, and mother Andrea last year.

THE mother of a disabled boy who is in a morphine coma and has only days left to live has been asked to prove her son is dying to exempt him from taking a state-mandated standardised test.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 06, 2014

“Really, I don’t how to put this more clearly. Your son MUST sit the test.”

Dianne was new in her role and was just following orders. The directive had come from above to ENFORCE testing at all costs. That no excuse would be accepted. That meant, no medicals, no nothing. Everyone.

Andrea Rediske responded once again, “You don’t understand, my son is severally disabled, blind and in a coma.”

Dianne was unsure what to say. She had been told that ‘no exceptions’. She was just doing her job.

There they were … #Project365

Suspect squeals to cops ... a male pig that was screaming with joy was visited by police in Maine.

POLICE responding to reports of screaming coming from a home in the US state of Maine didn’t find a victim of domestic violence as they feared. Instead, they found an amorous pig.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 04, 2014

Kelvin got out of the patrol car and surveyed the scene. Didn’t seem to be any screaming, nor was there any evidence of violence. This was the third call out tonight and every one had turned out to be a case of ‘miscommunication’. He and Roger went and knocked on the door of the neighbour’s house who had reported the screaming. She explained and this is what Kelvin wrote down: “things are alright now, they settled, but the noise was so loud, right. And like she has these pigs. Real pigs, you know, in the backyard. They were kicking and squealing for hours. All good now, all good.” Kelvin looked at Roger to look over the fence to check. Sure enough, there they were …

He drew a line in the snow … #Project365

Winter Weather Alabama

Doctor Zenko Hrynkiw walks 10km in Alabama for life-saving brain surgery amid traffic gridlock

news.com.au JANUARY 31, 2014


Zenko knew that he was in a difficult situation when the traffic had stopped moving for 10 minutes.  The call came over the radio that there was gridlock. To think that the hospital was only 10km away. What was Zenko to do? This patient was surely going to die? He drew a line in the snow …

Seeing him for the last time … #project365

Tyler Doonhan

Brave boy…Tyler Doonham, 8, has been hailed as a hero after he saved six people from a fire before being killed while trying to rescue his disabled uncle. Source: Supplied

AN eight-year old boy who saved six people from a fire has died while also trying to rescue his disabled uncle.

JANUARY 23, 2014 news.com.au

The smell blew Tyler’s eyes open. There was fire. Like some hidden second nature, he jumped to action. Waking everyone up out of their slumber. One, two, three … Tyler realised that something was wrong, his uncle would need help to get out, so he ran back in. Ignoring the screams from his family who were all huddled outside, together. Seeing him for the last time …

All he wanted was to sit down … #Project365


Emergency crews called to a family home found a boy a girl, who had become accidentally locked in a chest, unresponsive. Picture: Gordon McComiskie

TWO young children have died after climbing into a trunk in their US home in Franklin, Massachusetts.

news.com.au JANUARY 14, 2014

“Ah, peace at last” As Ryan sat down after a long day.

With his wife out with his eldest and the other kids playing nicely – for once – he turned on the sport. It had been a long day. Hearing the children arguing, he turned the TV up a bit more. Having had tea, he just wanted to catch the end of the game before putting the kids to be. He had been at it since five am and all he wanted was to sit down …