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Let’s hit the road … #project365

Alistair and Fran bogged in Bolivia. Picture: Supplied

WHAT does the average bloke do when he gets made redundant? He looks for another job. Not this guy … he decided to do the opposite — go on an adventure of a lifetime that’s still continuing

news.com.au FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Alastair hadn’t been happy for a while. When the news arrived, it was almost like a burden had been lifted. Although he had a good job, had just bought a nice house, Alastair felt like there was something missing in his life. He left the meeting and rang his wife. Within five minutes, they had decided. Lets pack it up and hit the road …

This wasn’t what he had planned … #project365

Alert ... police in body armour surround the plane at Geneva Airport.

ETHIOPIA is investigating how the co-pilot of a Rome-bound Ethiopian Airlines flight hijacked the plane and forced it to land in Geneva.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 17, 2014

It was usual practice mid-flight to just duck off to the toilet. However, something was different about today. As he returned, he noticed that the door had been locked. This wasn’t what he had planned …

Taking you home … #Project365

Holy grail ... pizza has been one of the most requested options for soldiers craving a slice of normalcy in the battlefield a...

THEY call it the holy grail of ready-to-eat meals for soldiers — a pizza that can stay on the shelf for up to three years and still remain good to eat.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 15, 2014

As he opened the pack, and pulled out the package, he didn’t care what he ate, but when he pulled out the pizza, a little spark of home was lit. No matter where you are, what you are doing, there is nothing greater than food for taking you home …

It can be done … #Project365

Age is just a number ... at 70, bodybuilder Sam Bryant can outlift men half his age.

SAM “Sonny” Bryant is a champion bodybuilder who picked up his first weight 27 years ago. When he was 44.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Sam entered the gym, he had already been once today, this was his afternoon session. He never missed a beat. No family, no wife. He was living the dream. His life was regimented to the very last beat. For Sam it was all about proving to others that it can be done …

It wasn’t really what she wanted … #Project365

‘Socially appropriate’ ... A waitress dances on tables in a beer tent at a beer festival in Munich. Picture: Mat...

A GERMAN teacher has won a case for work-related injury she suffered when she fell off a bench while dancing in a beer tent on a school trip.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 13, 2014

As the group of Year 12 students stood around, they hollered for miss to get up on the table.

“Do it, do it, do it.”

Agnes had not been teaching that long at her new school when she was seemingly plucked out of the lottery to attend the school trip. An excursion to a local festival and somehow they had all ended up in a beer tent with fervent merriment all around them. It wasn’t really what she wanted …

It was only a silly community page … #project365

A birthday wish come true ... Colin thought there were few people out there who cared for him.

ONE mum was heartbroken when her son, 10, said he didn’t want a birthday party because he had no friends to invite.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 13, 2014

As Boris sat down at his computer during his break, he opened up Facebook. Up flashed some kid … Colin … and something about happy birthday. He liked every other page that came up, so he may as well like this one. What did it matter anyway, it was only a silly community page …

And he was loaded … #project365

Accused ... French Senator Serge Dassault, the country’s 4th richest person, has been linked by the media to two...

A BILLIONAIRE senator and businessman has been linked to two shootings amid a vote-buying scam in Paris.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 12, 2014

Serge Dassault had faced adversity before. When the Nazi’s came, his family endured. Therefore, when a few voters threatened to get in his way, he wasn’t going to let that stop him. One of the richest men in France, he decided that the best plan of attack would be to simply keep his voters happy. For many, happiness started and ended with money, and he was loaded …

There were trees, there was land … #Project365

Amazing story ... Mexican castaway who identified himself as Jose Ivan steps off the

THIRTEEN months adrift in a leaky boat. He says he survived by drinking bird blood, but authorities are trying to determine if this castaway is a miracle – or mad.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 04, 2014

After an eternity at sea, learning to live, to stay attune to the world around him, Jose Ivan had to blink twice to check that it was actually trees that he saw in the distance. He had been decieved before, his eyes, his mind stretching out in hope, but this was real. There were trees, there was land …

Was four really old enough … #Project365

The young boy's face is covered and he is almost dwarfed by the massive weapon he is holding. Picture: Screengrab/FoxNews

HE looks barely old enough to ride a bike, yet this young boy holds and fires a deadly weapon like he is playing a game.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 05, 2014

As Rinor packed to leave for Syria. He packed a second bag. It was a man’s rite of passage, a father’s rite of passage, to fight along side his son in a battle for Allah. His wife, stood back shocked, but muted. Afraid that if she said anything that it would be considered blasphemy. However, deep inside she wonder how young was too young, was four really old enough …

No-one would believe him otherwise … #Project365

Wanted ... for distracting drivers. Bigfoot has been blamed for causing a car to crash into a ditch.

IT’S the toughest task all teens face: How to explain away embarrassing incidents. This one may be the best yet -‘ I crashed my car because of Bigfoot’.

http://www.news.com.au FEBRUARY 07, 2014

After failing to sleep for near on 24 hours, Robert wondered what he was doing driving the back roads to get home. Drifting in and out, something flashed in front of him, just off the road. A figure. Larger than normal. Much larger. A bigfoot! Robert turned the wheel to plow into the mysterious figure, to capture it. No-one would believe him otherwise …