Just doing her job … #Project365

0In hospice ... Ethan Rediske, 11, and mother Andrea last year.

THE mother of a disabled boy who is in a morphine coma and has only days left to live has been asked to prove her son is dying to exempt him from taking a state-mandated standardised test.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 06, 2014

“Really, I don’t how to put this more clearly. Your son MUST sit the test.”

Dianne was new in her role and was just following orders. The directive had come from above to ENFORCE testing at all costs. That no excuse would be accepted. That meant, no medicals, no nothing. Everyone.

Andrea Rediske responded once again, “You don’t understand, my son is severally disabled, blind and in a coma.”

Dianne was unsure what to say. She had been told that ‘no exceptions’. She was just doing her job.


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