Where else was he going to put it … #Project365

imagePOLICE in Pennsylvania made an “unusual find” after collaring a suspected teenage drink driver. A mountain of buried treasure … up his bum.

News.com.au 11 JANRUARY 2014

As Chris took the corner, the thrill of the steal overtook him and after overcompensating, ended up hitting a tree. this was not good, with a stash of stolen goods, he had to think fast. Knowing there would be a patrol car any minute, he scrummage in the backseat for a bag or something, but he soon realised that putting the loot in a bag would merely incriminate himself. Instead, he decided to take a different tact. Chris proceeded, one piece at a time, to insert the stolen jewellery up his arse. Having seen it being done in a movie, he was positive it would work. Where else was going to put it …


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