So glad you could make it … #Project365

Brazil Garbage BargesA STOUT green catamaran plies the polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay alongside the local fishing boats, but instead of grouper and swordfish its catch consisted of plastic bags, soda bottles and a discarded toilet seat. JANUARY 07, 2014

Matheus’ way they had to come today? He and his team had been cleaning the bay for the last 7 months, yet they came today. He’d neither showered, nor was he really in the mood to have his photograph taken, but he stood there. While out on the bay, he’d recieved a text message from his boss warning that some journalists would be coming out on a boat, that without their support, we’d be without funding.
As the small motor boat pulled up to the side of the eco-boat, Matheus put out his hand. “So glad you could make it …”


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