What Harm Can Come of That … Project365


Argentinians are arming and barricading themselves in their homes and stores in fear of looting mobs, as local police strike for higher pay and dessert their posts.

DECEMBER 11, 2013 – News.com.au

When Nicolás agreed to go into business with his two brothers, he didn’t think that he’d be standing out the front of his pet food store with guns to ward off looters. It had taken his brothers months to convince Nicolás to join them. Originally they had wanted to open a jewellery store, but Nicolás didn’t even entertain that idea. Then they suggested a clothing store, Nicolás started to warm to that. Knowing that Nicolás had a fondness of dogs, they eventually put forward the proposition of a pet store. “What harm can come of that Nicolás, what harm …”


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