I started with a dream, but sometimes even dreams wake up

“I started with a dream, but sometimes even dreams wake up”

I write this post with tears in my eyes, but something had to give. I loved my little posts each day. It gave me such a different perspective on the world. However, sometimes good things much end. I was participating in a MOOC, writing my regular posts at http://readingwritingresponding.blogspot.com.au/ AND writing here each day. It just got a bit too much, so for now. No more daily digests, no more quirky tales. Thank you to those who read, was an interesting idea, which may have life somewhere else one day.


As if there had not been enough death already … #Project365

Shot in head ... Beauty queen Genesis Carmona is the latest casualty of the unrest in Ven

ANTI-GOVERNMENT rallies in the Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand have resulted in the deaths of scores of people, including a beauty queen, with no end in sight for the violence.

 news.com.au FEBRUARY 21, 2014

Thousands lay dead after the shootings, but one victim stood out, Genesis Carmona, the beauty queen. Even in death she radiated with perfection. Some people wondered what had come of all this, when out of nowhere a cameraman came out, as if the world were a stage, a clicked away. As if there had not been enough death already …

Surely his life demonstrated that … #Project365

Wrongly accused ... it took Carlos M. Gomez 222 days to clear his name in a 2011 money-la

Big Read: Identity theft — how Carlos Gomez cleared his name after wrongfully accused of money laundering

news.com.au FEBRUARY 20, 2014

FIGHTING a bad cold, Carlos Gomez had decided to sleep by himself that night so he wouldn’t expose his wife. Well, that is what the prosecutors had said. Carlos had no idea what he was being accused of and he had no idea how to get himself out the bind. Carlos only wished that he had seen the money that he supposedly embezzled. Surely his life demonstrated that …


Would anyone really believe it … #Project365

Hard to miss...Twenty reindeer in Finland have had their antlers painted with fluorescent

RUDOLPH the reindeer is having a glittering antler makeover – the latest attempt to halt some of the thousands of road deaths of the roaming caribou in the wilds of Finland.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 20, 2014

As Daavid turned the corner, the gleam of the antlers caught his attention. The caribou was off to the left. Some distance away. Well that is what he remembered when he woke from his concussion with the car stuck in the ditch on the side of the road. Would anyone really believe it …

Let’s hit the road … #project365

Alistair and Fran bogged in Bolivia. Picture: Supplied

WHAT does the average bloke do when he gets made redundant? He looks for another job. Not this guy … he decided to do the opposite — go on an adventure of a lifetime that’s still continuing

news.com.au FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Alastair hadn’t been happy for a while. When the news arrived, it was almost like a burden had been lifted. Although he had a good job, had just bought a nice house, Alastair felt like there was something missing in his life. He left the meeting and rang his wife. Within five minutes, they had decided. Lets pack it up and hit the road …

This wasn’t what he had planned … #project365

Alert ... police in body armour surround the plane at Geneva Airport.

ETHIOPIA is investigating how the co-pilot of a Rome-bound Ethiopian Airlines flight hijacked the plane and forced it to land in Geneva.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 17, 2014

It was usual practice mid-flight to just duck off to the toilet. However, something was different about today. As he returned, he noticed that the door had been locked. This wasn’t what he had planned …

Taking you home … #Project365

Holy grail ... pizza has been one of the most requested options for soldiers craving a slice of normalcy in the battlefield a...

THEY call it the holy grail of ready-to-eat meals for soldiers — a pizza that can stay on the shelf for up to three years and still remain good to eat.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 15, 2014

As he opened the pack, and pulled out the package, he didn’t care what he ate, but when he pulled out the pizza, a little spark of home was lit. No matter where you are, what you are doing, there is nothing greater than food for taking you home …

It can be done … #Project365

Age is just a number ... at 70, bodybuilder Sam Bryant can outlift men half his age.

SAM “Sonny” Bryant is a champion bodybuilder who picked up his first weight 27 years ago. When he was 44.

news.com.au FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Sam entered the gym, he had already been once today, this was his afternoon session. He never missed a beat. No family, no wife. He was living the dream. His life was regimented to the very last beat. For Sam it was all about proving to others that it can be done …